Leadership & Board

MetaStar Board of Trustees

Jac Garner – Chair
Webcrafters, Inc.
Member since 2011

Daniel L. Johnson, MD – Vice Chair
Red Cedar Clinic – Myrtle Werth Hospital
Member since 2012

John W. Hartman, MD – Secretary/Treasurer
Visonex, LLC
Green Bay
Member since 2011

William H. Annesley, Jr., MD
Lincoln Avenue Clinic
West Allis
Member since 2015

Todd Fancher
American Family Insurance
Member since 2017

Leland J. From, MD
Beloit Memorial Hospital, Inc.
Member since 2016

Barbara Nichols, DNSc (hon) MS, RN, FAAN
Member since 2017

Judy Robson, RN, BSN, MSN
Member since 2015

Kathleen J. Sawin, PhD, RN
Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
Member since 2011

Robyn Shapiro, JD
Health Sciences Law Group, LLC
Fox Point
Member since 2016

Mary Beth White-Jacobs, RN, BSN, MHA
Black River Memorial Hospital
Black River Falls
Member since 2017

The MetaStar board has a minimum of eight and a maximum of 12 members. Approximately one-third of the Trustees are up for election each November for terms beginning January of the following year. Trustees are limited in most cases to two consecutive three-year terms. Trustees are compensated at a rate of $85 per hour of meeting time plus travel expenses.

MetaStar Leadership Team

President and Chief Executive Officer
Greg Simmons

Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Steve Laking

Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
Jay Gold, MD, JD, MPH

Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Continuing Education
Kristin Westphal

Vice President of Finance
Paul Neitzel

Vice President of Human Resources
Huck Hausmann

Vice President of Information Technologies
Karl Stebbins

Vice President of Managed Health and Long Term Care Services
Jenny Klink

Vice President of Healthcare Transformation
Jesi Wang

Vice President of Review Services and Performance Measurement
Conni Brandt