Coalitions and Collaboration

To learn more, contact:
Jesi Wang
Vice President of Healthcare Transformation
1-608-274-1940, ext. 8269

We bring people together to make improvements. By convening and supporting coalitions and learning communities, we create an all-teach, all-learn environment.

What we do

  • Convene groups decision-makers, stakeholders, and providers to tackle key issues in health care improvement
  • Build and foster relationships across organizations
  • Provide training and coaching to build the skills and capacities needed to go beyond traditional problem-solving
  • Offer tools, templates, and other resources to help groups get started and keep the momentum going
  • Volunteer meeting space in our Madison office

Current projects

  • Lead Wisconsin Quality Coalition for long-term care providers and stakeholders
  • Co-convene Advancing Excellence Local Area Network for Excellence
  • Convene and support coordination of care coalitions in communities across the state
  • Collaborate as part of the Wisconsin Heart Disease and Stroke Alliance
  • Bring stroke coordinators together as part of the Wisconsin Coverdell Stroke Program