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Serving as Wisconsin’s Regional Extension, MetaStar has assisted more than 2,000 providers in Wisconsin, since 2010.

MetaStar Assists Clinic with Electronic Health Record (EHR) to Improve Clinical Quality Measures

At OakLeaf Clinics – Southside Medical, in Eau Claire, Michael Smith, MD and a nurse practitioner provide primary care for their patients. The clinic has been using an electronic health record (EHR) program since 2012.

In 2016, Southside Medical identified a Clinical Quality Measure (CQM) that was not reporting properly for Meaningful Use (MU) documentation. Connie Hollingsworth, clinic manager, shared, “[Documentation] is one of the biggest challenges with Meaningful Use and the EHR. The providers are documenting everything like they always have; sometimes it is just not in the correct field in the EHR, which causes the reports to be inaccurate.”

To resolve this issue, the clinic worked with MetaStar’s project specialists, including Kevin Cleary.

Hollingsworth explains how Southside Medical addressed this issue, “We worked together as a team in addressing clinical quality measures we wanted to improve,” said Hollingsworth. “Using reports from our EHR, we were able to implement a new workflow to capture pertinent measure results by changing where in the EHR we were documenting information and/or results. The time Cleary put into researching resources and helping implement the plan was a crucial part of our positive results.”

The clinic found that implementing the new workflow and adjusting the data capture the EHR provided more accurate data and improved reporting abilities for Meaningful Use.

“Our CQM measure numbers are better.” explains Hollingsworth.

“Work as a team to get the results you desire from your EHR,” said Hollingsworth. “Understanding the reporting capabilities of an EHR, what data it is able capture, and a workflow that all staff and physicians follow is pertinent in achieving successful results.”

Providers and practices looking to improve their CQMs can add MetaStar to their team just like Southside Medical. The Medicaid Health IT Extension Program with MetaStar offers expert assistance to Medicaid-enrolled health care providers as they meaningfully use certified electronic health record (EHR) technology. This program is funded by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Services are provided at no cost to practices. More information.


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