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Take a look at selected useful resources below. Please contact if you have a resource to consider adding.

For all:

For physicians and nurses:

  • Million Hearts for Clinicians Microsite
  • Toolkit for Improving Hypertension Care & Outcomes
    Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality – The Toolkit for Improving Hypertension Care & Outcomes provides evidence-based strategies, along with a variety of supporting resources (e.g., guidelines, workflows, protocols, templates, videos, web links), that healthcare provider organizations can use to improve hypertension blood pressure control in partnership with their patients. Similarly, WCHQ has developed a diabetes toolkit focused on improving blood sugar control.
  • High Blood Pressure Algorithm & Training
    American Heart Association

  • M.A.P. to Improve Blood Pressure Control
    American Medical Association – The AMA and Johns Hopkins Medicine worked with physicians and care teams at 10 clinics to develop tools that physicians and care teams can use to M.A.P.—measure accurately, act rapidly and partner with patients, families and communities—to help control high blood pressure (hypertension) and ultimately prevent heart disease.
  • Blood Pressure Measurement, New England Journal of Medicine
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  • AHRQ Healthcare Innovations: Hypertension
    Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality – Lists evidence based best practice “innovations” and toolkits useful for improving quality of and reducing disparities in treatment of hypertensive patients.
    AHRQ Healthcare Innovations for Hypertension External Link - New Window
  • Taking Blood Pressure Manually
    Million Hearts Team Up. Pressure Down – Quick tips for getting accurate and consistent blood pressure readings with a manual device
    PDF. Taking Blood Pressure Quick Tips
  • Wisconsin Diabetes Essential Care Guidelines 2012
    Wisconsin Chronic Disease Prevention Unit Bureau of Community Health Promotion, Division of Public Health Department of Health Services – Toolkit contains useful section on cardiovascular care for diabetic patients
    PDF. Wisconsin Diabetes Essential Care Guidelines
  • Hypertension: Guidelines into practice (AHA course for CE credits)
    American Heart Association – high blood pressure continuing education course targeted specifically for nurse practitioners and physician assistants
    Hypertension: Guidelines into practice External Link - New Window
  • Evidence-based Treatment Protocols for Improving Blood Pressure Control
    Million Hearts® encourages widespread adoption and use of standardized treatment protocols for improving blood pressure control. Simple, evidence-based treatment protocols can have a powerful impact in improving control by clarifying titration intervals and treatment options, by expanding the types of staff that can assist in timely follow-up with patients, and when embedded in electronic health records, by serving as clinical decision support at the point of care so no opportunities are missed to achieve control.
    Resources for Treatment Protocols External Link - New WindowProtocol-Based Treatment of Hypertension: A Critical Step on the Pathway to Progress External Link - New Window

For pharmacists:

  • Team Up. Pressure Down.
    Million Hearts – educational program that promotes team-based care and offers support for health care professionals helping Americans improve medication adherence and more effectively manage their blood pressure.
    PDF. Team Up. Pressure Down. Materials
  • Team Up. Pressure Down – Tear Pad
    Million Hearts – Offer a page from this tear pad to your patients and suggest that they hang it on their refrigerator or place it by the telephone where they are sure to see it
    PDF. Blood Pressure Reminder Tear Pad

For consumers:

For community coalitions:

  • Working with Restaurants: Tips, Examples, Resources & Research
    Association of State and Territorial Public Health Nutrition Directors – Created by the State, Region and Community Committee (SRC) Restaurant Workgroup, these tips and resources to make it easier for public health professionals to work with restaurants and other dining out venues to create healthy food environments in their states and communities.
    PDF. Working with Restaurants: Tips, Examples, Resources & Research
  • The Community Preventive Services Task Force Recommendations for Cardiovascular Disease
    DHHS – The Community Preventive Services Task Force – established in 1996 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to identify population health interventions that are scientifically proven to save lives, increase lifespans, and improve quality of life.
    The Community Preventive Services Task Force Recommendations for Cardiovascular Disease External Link - New Window
  • Sodium Reduction Toolkit: A Global Opportunity to Reduce Population-Level Sodium Intake
    CDC – The toolkit is designed to provide international and national government agencies and public health organizations with a brief overview, tools, and information for developing and implementing sodium reduction programs, policies, and initiatives aimed at lowering sodium intake.
    Sodium Reduction Toolkit External Link - New Window